Interview: MC Val

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MC Val

I started this blog to promote artists in the genre of horrorcore and related styles as well as to showcase the wide variety of people they host. This is why MC Val was a perfect choice and I am proud to bring you all an interview with this talented female rapper from the Ukraine.
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New release: Blood Red Thug – Hoes by the Cemetary

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I am proud to announce the release of my first album entitled “Hoes by the Cemetary”, which is a Hated Family Productions  horrorcore album that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Lacking a better description I would probably label this horror nerdcore. The release contains collaborations with Homiciderella, Seblechien and Crease Reese. Get your free copy here!

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Interview: Seblechien

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Today I am interviewing Seblechien specifically regarding the upcoming release “Horror Show 3: Contes d’ outre Tombe”, the last chapter of an international collaboration trilogy available for download this Halloween. I contacted Seb to learn the full story of the project.
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Upcoming movie: The Lords of Salem

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Finally the Lords of Salem trailer has been released, and by the looks of it this going to be another must see by Rob Zombie. I enjoyed House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects thoroughly, and I definitly have high hopes for this release.

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Featured movie: Martyrs

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In the “featured movie” section I will be posting information about some of my favorite films in horror and surrounding genres. The first feature is the french movie “Martyrs”, which without a doubt is one of my all-time favorites. “Martyrs” is full of graphic violence, torture and unexpected twists, everything a kid could wish for! Enjoy!

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Upcoming movie: [REC] 3 – Génesis

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When [REC] came out it restored some of my faith in the zombie genre, bringing a great film to a genre that has been feeding us shit for the last decade, and also further strengthening Spain’s status as a great country for horror. As the the second sequal approaches I am as excited as ever and hoping that the curse of shitty sequals won’t catch on to this franchise.

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Upcoming movie: Paranormal Activity 4

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The fourth movie in the Paranormal Activity series is set for release this fall and being a huge fan of the first three movies, I am very much looking forward to watch this.

For more on Paranormal Activity 4, visit:
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