New release: Paradox – The Hated (Vol. 2)

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00 - Paradox_The_Hated_vol2-front-large
Following the release of Volume 1 back in April, Paradox unleashes the second volume upon the world. I am honored to be featured on two tracks of this great collection of hate-hop tracks, make sure to give it a listen!
Get your free copy here!

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Featured movies: Various languages

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Hello everybody! In this post I was thinking that instead of featuring one of my favorite movies, I would post a short list of suggestions. What they have in common is that none of them are English speaking films, and thereby might have passed by unnoticed by my American followers. They are more or less dated at this point, but still worth a watch!
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Interview: Paradox

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Marking the return of The Blood Transfusion is an interview that was meant to take place several years ago. I finally had the great pleasure of catching up with hate-hop artist Paradox, who is one of the main reasons why I’m still making music today. I got to pick the California based rapper’s brain about his past, present and future, leading to an interesting and in-depth interview.
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New release: Paradox – The Hated (Vol. 1)

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414232_198812550220903_1659343759_oThe long awaited debut album from the founder of The Hated Family, thought to have been lost forever has been fully recovered, remastered and is now being released in two volumes. With tracks dating back as far as 2003 up until as recent as 2015, The Hated volumes 1 & 2 serve as a reintroduction to the music created all throughout the musical career of the founder of The Hated Family and the innovator of Hate-Hop, Paradox.
Get your free copy here!

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Interview: MC Val

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MC Val

I started this blog to promote artists in the genre of horrorcore and related styles as well as to showcase the wide variety of people they host. This is why MC Val was a perfect choice and I am proud to bring you all an interview with this talented female rapper from the Ukraine.
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New release: Blood Red Thug – Hoes by the Cemetary

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I am proud to announce the release of my first album entitled “Hoes by the Cemetary”, which is a Hated Family Productions  horrorcore album that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Lacking a better description I would probably label this horror nerdcore. The release contains collaborations with Homiciderella, Seblechien and Crease Reese. Get your free copy here!

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Interview: Seblechien

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Today I am interviewing Seblechien specifically regarding the upcoming release “Horror Show 3: Contes d’ outre Tombe”, the last chapter of an international collaboration trilogy available for download this Halloween. I contacted Seb to learn the full story of the project.
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